The first professional traveler "backpack Decade": Life is not only a house car

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The first professional traveler "backpack Decade": Life is not only a house car  Empty The first professional traveler "backpack Decade": Life is not only a house car

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from the rookie's first career backpackers to domestic travelers, Zhang Jumping took 10 years. When he was 10 years of experience with his "pack years" and we meet, there supra shoes some vicissitudes of life, more is a tranquil and satisfied. He said people should take advantage of young, wandering, just forget the way home.
More familiar is his pen name "Xiao-Pang." The name created the End of the World's super-hot thermal software; spread tens of thousands of backpackers in the wild. Some have called his blog is a living traveling the "fanatics" Diary, have claimed he is a new literary achievements of the Internet age youth, also said his book is a young readers who dream of. "Taking advantage of a young wandering, only to dc shoes online a Planner book that the "80" who's heart to do the cover.
In fact, 10 years ago, Xiao-Pang and many have just graduated from college students, about life, the cause is lost, blind to the future. But the senior year of graduation trip to paradise-like freedom of his life fascinated, and then he quit his job and save some travel money, so that even the speech 8 jobs until he found the journey could save money, and life become a trip, travel, travel. He most self-help with the supra vaider economical way to travel the most in-depth, will be half a world all crammed into a backpack.
"Backpack decade" with more than 80 travel stories Xiaoping outline a clear growth context: how to travel from rookie backpacker magazine reporter, from freelance writer to today's China's first professional travelers. Few people thought that he was an supra tk major "returnees."
"I've been a white-collar workers, the best day out of the city offices, travel to take a taxi, go to work wearing a black suit, white shirt. I know that play a variety of ties, there are a few buttons to suit driving a few to wear. My life to fine every christian louboutin and every minute is boring. "This is the portrayal of the lives of many young people.”So I chose to stray, picked up the backpack, according to what you think. When I found only the minimum level of basic necessities of life needs of jeans a month, do not wash, eat bread and water as long as I will not despise." Some people say that small Pang’s "backpack" life sought after and the louboutin pumps is that he, like many people do not dare state of mind into action.
A long the "backpackers" and even for long-term this as a career requires more than just a dream, courage, but also the curiosity of the unknown world of Discovery and confidence. Xiaoping said he was from San Mao, Chef Guevara, Kerouac seniors, who get traveler's dream about travel. In fact, San Mao, Kerouac, or Chef Guevara, on the road, always in the Thrown himself severely with a travel in a strange land, and in solitude and freedom, then your own back, is that many young people to pack and travel in mind. louboutin boots said he would like to tell those young people who walk behind him, life is not just a house car, and there should be another possibility. You may not want to become a professional traveler, but as long as there are dreams and are willing to persist in efforts to this end this end, we will certainly see the sky in their own rainbow.
Nearly 2000 fast food toys for him, is the past, the future will be more toy pool at his house.
In addition to comparing the mass of the fast food toys, he also has a collection called the minority: one introduced by the Dutch Airlines "KLM house "model of house wine bottles. This souvenir every year on October 7 introduced a jimmy choo shoes sale product, and only take the KLM Business Class passengers can receive a. Through the exchange and online purchase, he has collected 15.
Fast food restaurants from South Railway Station to Cao Jiao Xizang’s toy store, straight-line distance of about 10 km. He does not drive, rely on walking, a person, and a backpack, put his spare time a day filled to the brim. Many people know that he is the city backpackers, but few know his backpack toys.
City Backpackers Zoo Min (a pseudonym), 26-year-old boy, different from ordinary people to have a favorite toy, especially those that show people the image of the famous manolo blahnik shoes sale fast food toys. Streets and lanes of fast-food restaurants, have been collecting again Zoo Min. Zoo Min in the home, a pack of Toy Story has long been a lively scene.
Fast food at home has nearly 2,000 toys
If Hello kitty, Mickey, Snoopy, Spider-Man, the Olympic Few, Chili Maruko, wonderful cook, and other famous cartoon characters gathered for what will be the scene? If the cartoon world of "celebrity" in exchange for a few shapes, and put the Romans in the dress, how will the landscape?
The movie "Toy Story" fans to bring imagination, in the home Zoo Min is commonplace reality. Out of their own preferences, Min Zoo major collections launched a series of a certain brand of fast food toys, dolls, and some did not publicly christian louboutin shoes Pins (badges and medals.) In the circle of fast-food toy collection, Zoo Min to a collection of nearly 2,000 fast-food toys becoming important collectors.
Zoo Min in new home, large and small, different patterns of fast food toys everywhere. Living room, large head doll swing-up welcome gesture; study is the shape of the shelf exaggerated Snoopy and Hello kitty; bedroom closet has been converted into lockers, thousands of still unopened little doll, Pins and some holiday tory burch outlet piled together ... ... "to keep my childlike innocence, to a rich imagination." study design, said Min Zoo origin, spare collection of these toys, both a release, you can also add their own design of leisure some inspiration.
Want to Favorites? Let mouth suffer
"Fast food toys from the general toy is that it needs to eat a snack before received from a fast food restaurant." Zoo Min said he had just started collecting dolls in 2006 when most of the food packages are collected. Sometimes in order to collect a set of dolls, even to eat several sets of packages, "I feel almost fit to burst stomach." Today, some small shops set up a special counter fast tory burch reva toys, Valet consignment. Coupled with the exchange and purchase on the Internet, fast food toy collectors have gradually from the "collection by mouth" state transition to the bulk collection phase.
Walking the street collection
Favorite fast food toys, Zoo Min that can be harvested in the psychological two things: First, the increase in the number of collections a sense of accomplishment, and second, recorded "Each toy will be toys that day reminds
A time, to pack and Min Zoo, shuttle walk the streets in Chengdu. Even the dog days, even the sweat, he can enjoy them. The memory of the time, Min Zoo Cao Tory Burch sandals

All the way from the South Railway Station Lane, a full day immersed in the Gradually, he was to take a stroll of the whole area of ​​the fast food restaurant in Chengdu, traveled the well-known toy store, both had enough of the city backpackers walking "addiction", but also get their favorite collections, but also in the process to find to friends with similar hobbies.
"When work had to lack of exercise, after work, while interest in the investment, the way to exercise, I feel very good." From the "collection tells us" to "tory burch flats collection," said Min Zoo This is the interest and life balance.
Share Life collection is
In fact, Zoo Min backpack, fast food toys, but part of his many collections. In addition, he also collected a plane model, memorial edition vodka, Coke, Evian water, packaging, four-wheel drive models, comics, Transformers, disposable lighters, video games, nearly 20 categories of the collection. Therefore, friends of the evaluation of Min Zoo, similar tory burch shoes the "broken Madman", "Miscellaneous possession of people" is not uncommon.


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