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Post  ttkttk on Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:44 am

Think of how to go to England? Also go to Ireland?
Roaming is the first in several European Scheme ideas. Rabbit studies students in UK come to an end, so I want to take advantage of the rabbit with the students about her trip before returning, and I have a language of the stick.
Original plan was to buy an Aural Pass, the first stroll in London a week, then 3 weeks traveling the Scheme countries. Just as I was to design a number of lines on paper and took the train schedules of European countries is similar, the news that the serious "bad news", the UK student visa rabbits less than 3 months, so may not apply for supra shoes visa. After crying in the corner, only to modify travel plans change Scheme as UK. Always felt that visiting the UK a month too deep of it, think of the early years of Friends XM in Ireland for many years, and also try to do a visa to, who do Talia are close neighbors.
In fact, the Irish and did not open China's personal travel, a visa is a challenge. First, the Irish Consulate's website to search, find its type there is no tourist visa, then find the e-mail address, first write a letter sincerely, praise how beautiful this country, how do I look forward to traveling the country and so are some obvious dc skate shoes Commitment to the visa office did not return e-mail, actually called the phone, simply ask some questions, I heard that my passport was not a white of the children, there children say that you can try to do, it can give me a very the earth encouraged, it seems that one foot has set foot on Irish land.
Began to prepare travel plans, provide hotel booking air tickets, buy insurance, so these are the necessary visa documents, some busy, two countries, two visa, with a winning time of 2 supra avider , has not signed with the surface, very proud, fully thought behind what will be challenges, and immigration will be fine? This is something, the content and then Syria.
Get to work
Raiders love to go out, take the family love to travel, read some of this out in front of other people's "Raiders", are some real meaning, so in the last part, I am ready to sum up some "Raiders", I hope to go after fewer people can go some detours. Preparation before departure or necessary are: Air ticket booking, ordering the supra tk rail passes, in order to save money is very tips of you; Chooses to visit sites to determine the optimal route, but also to determine the retention time for each location, a good combination of these factors is also a certain degree of difficulty Book accommodation, travel plans at the head, if you plan to have to change, you have to stay the order to immediately adjust, it is very important, they might have a direct economic loss;
Featured belongings can be brought to less with less, the back of the backpack with the christian louboutin and time, will become a big piece of iron; above all will be in the Raiders in the Detailed.
Later realized, in fact, far less how to do homework because there are accidents every day, and even from time to time there will be challenges.
Tenderness of the man is a steel frame, after the brilliant life of 2,500 years and remains passionate. Walking through this city known as the archives of Western culture, from Roman ruins to Renaissance treasures, from louboutin pumps to modern fashion and cultural essence, each step is a charming landscape, every step of the exciting story.
We spent 5 days in Rome, walk for 5 days. Seven every morning, starting at eight, at seven, eight end, Baotou ten hours, it is only looked a little fur omissions. Commuting Rome, do not just look at his appearance, but also to see his character temper. The articles were introduced such as Rome, the stars, the story here is not superfluous. We would like to say that Rome "police culture" a little unique exp louboutin bootserience. Our Embassy in Italy, applied for a Scheme visa to enter Scheme in Athens, Greece. The provisions of this situation must be entered within 8 days after the Italian border, to the local police station to report, or otherwise unlawful. Together with the visa issued to our "Immigration Information", in Italian, English, Chinese, three languages, express this policy.
The third day we went to Rome, that is, the seventh day of entering the Italian territory, to find the police. Remember passing a sign of police units from the central railway station not far from our hotel near the Republic Square, not far. I wondered, to the police report on the line. Early in the morning, went to the police station, a middle-aged men and the police received us. Afraid to express clear, we directly to the "jimmy choo shoes sale Information" handed to him. A middle-aged policeman did not understand English or Italian words for a long time, meaning they will not be accepted in this business.
It seems there is only equivalent to a police station, level is not enough. Police asked the middle-aged men, we should go immigration report? I do not know is that we did not understand or he did not understand that for a long time, he confusedly, we sleepwalk. Had no choice but to take a map out of the police a place on the map, and tell manolo blahnik shoes sale to get there. This time to understand and he indicated the place in the Roman suburbs, down 2 times to get to the bus.
Out from the police station, thinking Report to the agency receiving the entry of foreigners, common sense should be located where frequent entry and exit of foreigners, should be the central railway station is one such place. How it may be much in the suburbs? Toss a half-day, has more than 10 AM. How to do? Today, the original plan to visit the Christian louboutin shoes and the Roman 8 days left in the last 1 ½ days duration, from the heart a little anxious.


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