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Bayou in the luggage of all, maybe some people do not know, "Xing Leda Bag Industry Co., Ltd.", but certainly not some people do not know, "Wei fat." Fat Weyden Gang is the founder of the brand, is the brand's success, but also is the cause of Hubei supra shoes luggage leader, he used his "nickname" trademark, do not want this "nickname" has become his international luggage business card on the market.
Xing Leda Bag Co., Ltd. General Manager Wei Winging
Just to hear his name first, no the people. In bayou visited enterprises in the total for the first time, I had met Wei was very kind. Wei total love to laugh, very talkative, but also fat, he said he registered the trademark of the reason is because customers are affectionately call him "fat." At that time the company has not set up, Xing dc shoes was a day to produce only about 200 bags of small workshops; Wei total is not yet the "total" the packages a day to someone's home, "moving plot has" to their own shops sell?
In 2000, Wei began satisfied overall "plot has moved" and the OEM, this respect for economic interests; on the other hand his luggage is a sensitive grasp of market trends. So, a new millennium, Wei General to plan up their own future development and in 2001 registered the "Wei Fat Man" is quite some low class style, supra vaider , committed within a year to shop in all the goods have changed into their own production of "Wei Fat Man" package.
This is not a great dream was soon realized, the beginning of 2002, shops in sales to all of their branded products, and sales volume rising steadily for five consecutive years, it seems that the market did not feel the pressure of competition intensified on. When I asked this question, General Wei of total mysterious supra tk he simply said: "thinks is right." Surprised to see my face, he explained: Competition is the eternal existence, in order to defeat the enemy we must first improve them.
How healthy fat Wei own? Brand already has, and the rest is the fight of quality and price. I asked the shop about the price of several backpack, are between 25-40 dollars, and I'm cheap. Wei always say: everyone fight for their own benefit maximization, so the price is even higher for the wholesaler, and we fight mainly quality, many christian louboutin are you complaining about my bag, but still to come get me goods, this is the proof!
Wei fat brand backpack
In 2005, Xing Leda bags officially registered as a set of luggage industry, production and sales of specialized companies, Wei has become the total fat, but he did not mind to be called fat, it is his gold signs. Wei fat has entered the market supermarket brand bags, and business in the country nearly forty brand franchise stores, and also louboutin pumps a variety of indoor and outdoor advertising and other publicity means a step by step to expand its visibility in the eyes of consumers.
Wish "Wei fat" more substantial, more brilliant!
Xia Zhan in a circle on the mill forum noticed I wrote a backpack backpacker experience, see the feel well, to understand the experiences of a backpacker Links is my blog above, I see this note the complete article mood.
He reads, "But also to the travel season, many with new understanding of the travel soon after, purchasing equipment not know where to get involved, here, the credentials of individual experience, required for travel make a brief with the first capacity. A backpacker (HIKER), the name suggests, the most important thing is to backpack, small backpack backpacker, accommodation come the world. Wanderer backpack is the most close partnership horizon, or how even the name have louboutin boots a backpackers call it. backpacker's backpack, the latter is another home away from home on the road, the way hot and cold, hunger, thirst, so stay to jump the queue, it refers to looking at himself and the tireless backpack.
However, in addition to a backpackers backpack up and down and some tricks. Come from the outside and inside backpackers, and ultimately: the head of the hat, neck document bag, back pack, the body's clothing, shoes, feet, and so on. Go out, do not jimmy choo shoes sale a hat and not be able to. A brimmed hat is the natural enemies of the sun is intense, while sweating off, you can sell a fan. Document bag is flat rope rooted tough, oblique Phi is the neck, and ticket money, identity documents categorized, and never leave the body. Windbreaker covered outside, close the cover of the valuables, so that gangsters difficult to fish in troubled waters. Backpackers and ultimately a windbreaker, wind and water is the most important task windbreaker. If money than wealthy, suggested the use of wind and water, and other features of high-energy fiber with breathable windbreaker (that is commonly known as the GORE-TEX Jacket). The purer manolo blahnik shoes sale main color, red and blue yellow purple as you wish, field trips are important is eye-catching, not an ambush, if I can not find the way, do not people can not find you. A good pair of shoes key positions where there had even in a backpack, if you have a tight budget, then the limited money dedicated to shoe it. Backpackers should not be a name brand shoes store on one of those when, sports shoes, even if what is air and light, which is well on the runway show, court preparation. Good field calmly stepped on Christian louboutin shoes, gravel, streams, small road repairs are being let go without your feet, cover your ankles, stop frustrating the blisters, sprains.
To go further, good shoes fit the criteria first, and then half as new, fully waterproof, it is best to help high idea of ​​the sole pattern to be deep. May make a lot of the baby backpack. Pragmatic self-service scheme for travelers, probably four categories: clothing, used items, medical kits, Raiders. The first is to measure the criteria, and then the bid, after reducing the money cans thrift, is a last resort. Now the following three points to the main table: function, weight, volume. Today, the main tory burch outlet of clothing protection features hot and uncomfortable. Needless to say, the preferred coat is a must coat, wind rain also can maintain heat. With elastic pants can be more comfortable as possible, preferably by the quick-drying woven fiber type. Bring enough change and wash underwear pants, and often the condition are on the way there is no laundry, washing drying and often quit.
Way to go, or if the winter temperature is low, have to prepare Yu cold clothing. Fleece garments are working together to coat the first set of use well insulation, light weight, the disadvantage is larger, care can not do it; down jacket is the best anti-cool clothing, light and heat, contraction and small size, to take care of. Not a good selection of cotton underwear, sweat and paste is the body, cold and uncomfortable, is high altitude, cotton products, known as the killer mountain. Sweaters are less good, weight; thermal protection is not as Shearing Yi. Socks tory burch reva also important, playing a pair of thick socks will not only fill the gap between the feet and shoes, but also possesses thermal protection function. Higher than the upper leg of a stocking to sell defensive wear ankle injury, is to sell socks at the end of the idea of ​​thick wear-resistant. Wearing out, that is my precious feet.
In addition there are optional clothing: scarves, rain pants, underpants, according to the weather means conditions. Common items include: compass, flashlight (headlights) and batteries, matches, multi-function knife, camera and film, water bottle, a rope, individual wash supplies. The player is equipped with a compass to sell, no one tory burch sandals get lost, it goes without two-hybrid, able to recognize them on the trip north. Flashlight is black and dark is a boon, in particular, is stormy night; headlights can be set is the forehead, the liberation of large hands, to be easy to use than a flashlight. The backup battery has a sell to high-energy base as well. Heavy load the camera either piecemeal or is very large. Too big a call to the exclusive camera bag in the bag, you can also write a book; heavy loads of bits and the best is a fixed focus fool machine, since you can assure the quality of the photo. To bring enough film, probably in an attempt to ten rolls of film to bring twelve volumes, do not buy is the road, so that was a tory burch handbags waste of mood. Camera with extraordinary battery should also be prepared more than one.
Remember than light, tolls, mood, the film is very cheap. Water bottles can take military supplies (aluminum) or imports with outdoor use (often plastic). Criterion is a heavy load, large capacity, taking into account the heat capacity of small water tory burch flats , if not to the extreme cold areas, can rest do not. Many use the rope: the temporary items, the backpack hanging down a slope, which is a hotel in La clothesline. Match is a last resort attempt to fire is to take heat, usually have to be careful. Are also widely use a knife, cut fruit, most briefly, the two hybrid of the occupation, all need them. But almost a wash supplies towels, toothbrush toothpaste, Yeti, shampoo, razor blades, as far as possible with a small bag-packing, and stop leaving a bag with back and misguide the bag with no use. Sell ​​travel bag that has the appearance of resistant waterproof material, solid wide strap, the right volume. In general, 45-65 rise is compared to the appropriate generic backpack backpack than 65 liters a considerable body of the will. In addition, a backpack with a backpack cover, not tory burch shoes to maintain the bags clean uniform, so that outlaws can not figure out the truth, no start. Medical first-aid kit, Needless to say, is used to treat life-saving. Symptomatic of some commonly used drugs such as diarrhea, barbering used, with the cephalosporin class of antibiotics, fever, expansion of the trachea when the plateau response


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