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Adam recalls the first time, every time he walked by carrying a bag from the crowd, always found it strange that many people would fancy him for a moment. "I do not understand the beginning, thought it was what he wears fancy dress, and later at the same time telling myself to know." Adam said, several colleagues cautioned, supra shoes , social security is very poor, both men and women, almost all were grabbed experience, if not robbed of it is really lucky. The Adam backpack so bold action, indeed, enviable one, but ah can not help but worry a bit.
"At first I really disagree, because in my appearance, I am afraid that most people can not get involved, now say really ashamed of it!" Said here, Adam laughed, sure enough, a few days to themselves in the Ishii Boulevard near robbed, documents, wallet, cell phone, etc. No one survived, but also since then started to put my dc shoes In front of the chest or, no longer afraid "Even people like me were being robbed, showing that the security situation had deteriorated in Dungun, right!" Zhang Costa said, "but starting in April 2006, Dungun Egan remediation and a few months, the change is very large.”
Zhang Costa recalls that time, the way the police very much, newspapers, on television almost every day on law and order matter, law and order quickly can feel a lot better, and in September 2006 after the motorcycle field after leaving Dungun, security is greatly changed.
Zhang Costa said with a smile, "for a long time, my backpack was back behind the position, not afraid, not only to be grabbed he did not even hear almost no side to have a friend who was robbed of the news.”Bag how to back, on the front or behind, this is entirely a personal preference, but this simple supra vaider and habits are a remarkable record of experience in Dungun: Dungun Municipal Government Sword law and order, in order to protect the public peace, and build "peace in Dungun," a series of important initiatives.
Today, the streets of Dungun, shopping department stores, are people happy shopping, shopping, prosperity, there will not be before the tension face, the end of 2006, the authority of the media poll: In the 18,114 copies of the questionnaire, 86.19 % of the people of the year expressed satisfaction with the social order.
I was born 80 years after the reform and opening up, though living in the forefront of reform Christian louboutin opening up - Guangdong, but the home is located in the mountains of northern Guangdong, so the experience of change is a relatively deep experience.

Play remembers every time out to see the fathers with a military green to be leaving for the package. Pack small, but there is just put some raw rice, a small bottle of pickles, addition is put one or two change of clothes. The bag away, it is very simple, but has taken away the best things at home. I remember meeting in Nanning, Guangxi to join the army of Uncle home to visit relatives, take the time, Grandma's louboutin pumps off the New Year from the dark specially when he left a piece of bacon into a backpack. At that moment, Uncle imposing seven feet man, dressed in starched uniforms into tears at the grandmother cried in front of people: he will understand that a total of nine brothers and sisters, even though big brother big sister are married, but the big brother, brother's children gave the families make up the vacancies. Therefore, eating is a familiar problem in the family. Today, Grandma is secretly hidden in a piece of meat to him, called him how not to be moved?

Eventually, Uncle, or take a piece of bacon. Father and uncle to send him, including his father had been thrown over your shoulder. Later, Uncle demobilized, especially louboutin boots Tang house, a house with a lot of things: eat, use..... There is several kind of backpack. Uncle to his father was one.

Ever since the backpack after his father, who do not have time to go out the hard plastic skin wrapped things? As mother and grandmother, like to keep the best things at jimmy choo shoes sale , when his father gave my father brought out. Every time I see myself and sister, father, this backpack, and my heart will be some private secretly pleased: because my father came back each time, there will be surprises, not the big red apple is the toys. However, there is some difficult times at home, young parents I saw a stormy night in the occasion, the father, brought back tobacco and alcohol from the outside to the plug when the backpack, and then hurried out the door. Growing up, I realized it was a gift that is through the back door. Forced livelihoods, honest gifts parents can only go at night, and now think of all manolo blahnik shoes sale bitterness. Ever since then, my family would not have that backpack, and his mother hung it in the utility room.

Later, my father came back out again, brought a large bag. However, their image of it running out, because then he started boarding school, and, not too concerned about the time his father would be filled with anything back there, we only care about his safe return. His mother washed clean each time the bag, and even a gift to each is also filled with grandma. It is for the mother, is a symbol of new life. Later, my louboutin shoes
http://www.louboutinpumpssale.com/christian-louboutin-sandals-c-6.html Worked, and she bought a stylish backpack, and she used to put a few back home. However, the use is not large, because the parents feel no need in this mountain town for such a fancy thing, still go out with his father brought back the package.

I graduated last year, the first paychecks they bought a bag, small, only enough to put down the phone with the keys, but that the price of a lifetime for the parents of tory burch outlet is the price of meat a few months. So parents learn not stop shaking his head after a sigh: that I spend money. See me every time it was carrying out all, is very convenient, but also no the say. Today, my father brought back the bag with the tri backpack that went into the corner of history. While he looked at the bag, takes much tory burch sandals : the backpack hidden in some of life's stories, but also hide some things that change our lives.


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