The story of a man to take care of backpack

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The story of a man to take care of backpack  Empty The story of a man to take care of backpack

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I have not flown, but often planes only. "In the cloud" in the George Clooney is an aircraft control, in his own middle age, to complete the flight ten million miles of the target. I admire him. I often think is what it feels like to fly it, through the windows of supra shoes aircraft, what strange sight to see it? Are not large clouds blowing in my body, and I close my eyes a little, you can think of me as the Monkey King?
George Clooney for the plane, it is already commonplace, and his imagination, boring flights because of shrinking, the plane has become a symbol of his alienation and the world, he in heaven, most of us on the ground, we busy with their own, the old in this life, happiness sadness, all does not matter. His empty backpack theory is probably out of the plane wondering. This theory is very strange, encouraging you to drop everything, traveling light. This is a typical individualism. He is a dc shoes but any time an aircraft has landed, and when he landed to the earth, will find his backpack is not empty, there is also a lot of things need to take care of him one by one. "In the cloud" is a person care about the story of backpack.
George Clooney's work is very strange, he was laid off experts. When a company wants to lay off some employees will find him, ask him or her employees to do supra vaider work, to prevent the dismissal of employees to make these extreme things. I think there should be only the supremacy of the state of human rights can there be such a job. China has no such job security? Hopeless in our society, the company wants to dismiss a person, just a word thing, even if you hanged himself on the spot, the boss who will not release a little bit of compassion. In the United States to have such a job happens, but George Clooney is not a person in combat, his company is mainly engaged in the supra tk . I think, to American eyes, work and life should be as important, lost his job, and is a very terrible thing. They dismissed employee's share of respect, so I was much moved.
And played opposite George Clooney is an old two women of a small, very beautiful. The two women have changed his life, but in different ways. Our lives are not all men by some women to change it? Little woman brought advanced ideas, to end the layoffs flying career experts, which makes George Clooney has a sense of the crash. The old woman is a moment of tenderness to George Christian louboutin fell in love fog. The air bag called before the line of people, in fact, nothing fit. He eventually put the pick of the pick it up, and then throws all that away.
The disadvantage of this film is too concerned about George Clooney, on the little woman and the old woman to take care of poor planning. Little Women and the end of the work of George Clooney, her role will suddenly interrupted again when the account is hurried past her into her bag carrying something, they throw something, I do not see. Old woman, too, can even say that the whole film she is the most complex characters, families with husband and children, and George louboutin pumps are playing night stand. Perhaps foreshadowing the front is not enough, when I see her home before exposure to George Clooney, I was a bit surprised. Perhaps the intelligence of the audience than I already guessed. Thus, the scenario described in terms of women is a weakness.
Film begins with some aerial shots, very beautiful; it is God's point of view overlooking the world. By the end part of the movie, the old captain appeared, he sat down and had just completed ten million miles flying George Clooney chats, and the sun louboutin boots the small window from his house shining, so he formed the whole body halo, and then together with his old face, as well as flamboyant beard, is simply coming of the Lord. So, this show can be understood as George Clooney met God, he, he should be on the elevation.
I like George Clooney when the period began to travel dazzling clips, and music combine perfectly. Editor called Dana E · Gray Berman, director Reitman’s up to jimmy choo shoes sale the three films, all by his surgeon clip.
Believe that every traveler, whether young and old, would like to return to his backpack when the bristle, there is in addition to their gifts, of course, be given to parents, relatives and friends.
As for me, or a collection of favorite local notes and coins (basically do not buy souvenirs in the country.) Money is a national card, fine money from the foundry industry, metal materials, printing, integrated manufacturing process, and so, the measure of tory burch outlet country's overall strength. Each one (Zhang) coin has its unique historical significance. Local coin collection will enable us to better understand the local history and culture, experience the local culture.


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