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As usual, this summer I flew from the Canary Islands to Madrid, thousands of miles to see two friends who, when living with his girlfriend all have A small doll, the school of housewives flavor, their shoes at the foot, but lost the elegance, semi-high-heeled plain that Could not see any reason to, three of a kind of shoes. That we kept a few days to meet a limited time, wished he could say to make unlimited dirge ordinary life, she spoke
Topic around to dress up, the girlfriend who I still see a pair of sandals to be reconciled, and supra shoes my family a shoe store Teach, to have something I bought a pair surrounded around the "shoes", Tried several times, it is not comfortable, they insist that the good See, I have no alternative but to buy a pair, or that the sentence: "In our group of islands, holiday mood, and everyone You blazing, this shoe, with the local atmosphere is not known. "
Buy shoes, I wore it once, give lost in the hotel, and weekdays are still a few ribbon tied to the feet, the streets
to wander.
Came home, I'm actually more Jose Alarmed by a pair of high heels, and laughed; he just wore me out with him. This
Things, I take a name, called "hundred paces shoes" step can also take the ten steps have been impatient, and will take the hundred paces
However, rage, and only them more comfortable to take off to go barefoot, I like my mind and my dc shoes With the world without
Competition, shoes and decided to create a feeling of quiet my mind, this is can not be forced to do.
I often see my girlfriends in high heels in the picture, I think, this is my and their social identity in different Caused by the difference in the community, in particular the office of women, their clothing and dress, not just for the one
Own comfort, but also on the work environment and respectful of others, and perhaps one day, this supra vaider will gradually change over, Shoo Dressed in appropriate natural, in fact, is the largest individual awareness and respect for life, then, step on a pair of flat sandals to go to the chicken
Cocktails probably will not be considered as rude.
Autumn has come, down slightly yesterday morning, a pleasant, light rain, when I go grocery shopping, has stepped into the sandals off-line
A small water pond, the water soaked shoes, every step, they will "Zhen Yaw!" The ring out, I felt supra tk , brisk walking was A few steps, they are quite a few times series of the ring, I think of to try, the deserted streets Kanga up, the foot of the shoes, Even continued singing - Zhen Yaw! Zhen Yaw! Zhen Yaw! Good and beat. I think. In the lottery does not matter, at the foot
they have to buy another pair of sandals.
Postscript: Kothari Land write to me, talk about summer and her children do not like wearing shoes Peas, each on his shoes, his lovely
Inside the small toe is always hard to shrink, to strive for the freedom of barefoot, the conclusion is - very local Peas! I'm glad this world and my enthusiasts, Christian louboutin to enjoy the barefoot angel small taste of Peas have been to the old.
"China's 110 true spirit!" January 17, Heike in Heilongjiang Province Institute of the Russian police to seek foreign Guest Book Ivanovo wrote this sentence. Originally, Ivanovo backpack accidentally forgotten in the hotel, receiving the alarm, the Heike River Road Public Security Frontier Detachment pass through the border the bag returned to Sergei Ivanovo.
Things have to start with from January 2. Ivanovo day command center received 110 calls louboutin pumps help call, said he was in a hotel on New Year's celebration will be, inadvertently forgot to pack in the hotel. Bag has 3 million in cash, photographs, diaries and other items. When he found he had finished testing the hovercraft passport get home. After receiving the alarm, through River Road, the border police station in Europe Liwung instructor led the police rushed to the hotel immediately and found the staff to keep in the tory burch outlet . Europe Liwung contact with Ivanovo, Ivanovo said he was very surprised. In the afternoon, the daughter of Te Lana Ivanovo came to the police station after receiving items lost laments: "We so he dialed 110, but try holding the idea of ​​the Chinese police did not expect so much. Thank you, Chinese police."


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