Cinderella wore red shoes, everything started different.

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    Cinderella wore red shoes, everything started different. Empty Cinderella wore red shoes, everything started different.

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Girls, I was a very lonely monster, to study at home, that a life confined to the house knowing about the high Japanese Wall, rarely go out, no friends, only true joy is buried mad eating their, then I feel inferior Feeling heavy, more than half of all supra shoes Between the relatives and friends refused to go. Looking back, there is no identity in that period and no way to go in the dark times
Years, actually can not remember what their own style through the color of the shoes, not the way of man, probably of little use shoes
Then think of my shoes, it would be sixteen years old at that time, I Goo Fishing began to draw the teacher's studio a week to go
twice, because met the teacher who changed my life, my life slowly and hope to find a bright, dim Smoke dc shoes Dissipated, and my heart is waking up like happy.
A while, my mother took us to his father's friends, Yogh Town, Zhen Bubo made shoes in a shoe factory, my sister picked a black lacquer
Skin, those years I have always dressed very dark elements, can be said to be a gray, girl, but I actually fancy a day out Bright light pink soft leather, insists on what a pair of red shoes. Shoes, well, I went marching it to the studio, feeling good May actually supra vaider to smile, that was my first pair of shoes with thick, which I hide from their own world willingly taken to the
The first step, now in retrospect, as if still in the dark and lonely light hair with the gentle mysterious glow.
Because the teacher gave me the inspiration care and help. I slowly got to know many friends come together; many years of active hidden
Also followed the gradual nature of the beautiful day glow up. At that time, a vast complexity of life, day, I do not know when
At first, I had become a young horse, in the heart of the Mercedes-Benz prairie happy together, go christian louboutin every day, would be
Facing a lot of shoes in a daze, not knowing what to wear a pair to do.
At that time the popular shoes are fine with the tip, not natural, not very beautiful, but they use many other Department, kick, step on people are very good tools. And because the high heel is generally done, put on, the overall feel grown up A lot of age in the urgent desire to grow in, it gave me some mysterious sense of louboutin pumps , it is not vanity can be explained
Of the.
My sandals came very late age, if wooden pallets are also considered a form of sandals, then it is another matter. However, in
Memory, I never wear a wooden drag on the street. Always feel the toe of the foot is exposed to a bath at the beach and can do things.
The social climate then with now is different from the less dressed up close to nature, the more general and entertaining, it can be said,
Civilization at the time, is that like. Eighteen years old, made a cheongsam, the high collar above the louboutin boots can not be swallowing hard,
The following three-inch heels can only take small steps, but everyone says good-looking, I was Shade powerful, but also specially designed for a photo shoot out Tablets taken. Silver high heels, wearing only his life but also it a year later returned to the white shoes, the reasons for their not remember
Well, the shoes from that time until now, I have a very wearing.
Hanaoka I entered the campus when the auditors do, my friend Johnny from Hawaii sent me much of a Double the beautiful light brown sandals, when received the parcel, really could not tell how fresh happy, then Simian
Also free to spend to sell shoes, but completely flat, almost no uppers, and only around two jimmy choo shoes sale leather sandals, Taipei is really rare at that time, I try wearing them at home, or tamper with the full release of the toes, would the joy of freedom Yan, feverish back to childhood for the first time on the Tanami barefoot jumping up and down mood. The next day, I'll wear it in the feet
Went to school went. My father came back from school when I saw that look, he froze for a moment before finally mellowed on
I said, "You play this like the same shoes, bare feet, or do not wear it! People will misunderstand that you stay outside, Changsha North Road,
People's Ban it! " I'd heard the words of my father changed a bit since then, I go to school manila blank shoes sale Wear a white shirt, a blue-washed bleached
Khaki sarong, below, or pair of sandals, even if other people look at my feet, and then head for a look at my clothes before, proved a two-phase
Fan, Changsha North Road, will not go wrong.
Sandals is really a symbol of freedom, I simply asked Brief Encounter, love at first sight, something like step on the foot of a person's respect
Dignity and freedom really revealed out the attitude of the natural life, enjoy life, even as christian louboutin shoes foot release
Release, gave me a lot of books, not in China.
At the time, moved to the sandals, and I encourage my sister and doom Dada also try this kind of thing, right Dada Interestingly, a large man, the toes exposed how embarrassing thing, if you want him to wear these shoes, he is still inside To add socks. Sister, everyone will compete in the same year the lady would not like me even more recklessly, and now, her children early on
In, and my sister sent tory burch outlet photo, actually is a pair of early death would not wear sandals, really gloomy. The world changing so fast, we have not old, but playing several dozens of shoes in fashion circles.
I have been away from home after not wear high heels, that stuff, but on the shelf, perhaps to the opera's annual, And go to someone else's wedding, to the respect and courtesy to others, I reluctantly put their shoes into that sub-natural Yard to endure several hours. Fortunately, I only heard this life is less than ten tory burch reva the opera, weddings do, only that I wear
Is a pair of sandals, I was the bride, do not have to respect others.
Snow came, and boots became another of my experience, traditional long high boots, always made me recall a pair of yellow kid
Long rubber rain boots color system, the typhoon is over, children wear the kind of interesting tory burch sandals in the alley mouth water just yet. This is sweet
Memories that I naturally had a good impression on the boots. In Germany, the boots are not fashion, it is a necessity of life, wear it
Through deep snow to school, a break in the classroom, feet to put on a radiator, a detour to drying, said classmates talk , The share of comfort, not for the Queen is coming. Not used to riding boots, desert night, there was also used to get it, the Tory Burch handbags Knife inserted a bone handle, outside length
Dress of a cover, who can not see inside the universe come. Dong Daze I will not, but when the Night in the wilderness, would the security
Feeling, very different from his.


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