Barefoot shoes --- the story of an angel

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Barefoot shoes --- the story of an angel  Empty Barefoot shoes --- the story of an angel

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Our friends, to open a small restaurant in Adam, in the accident last month has a lottery, prize money is about more than a million dollars, equivalent to half a million NT dollars look like.
The number of such a high place in life, to set production is unlikely, if used to buy small things in life is to buy more than the full. I met Adam when his wife Carmen, my supra shoes congratulations to her about it, the last naturally her: "What do you buy new things?" Carmen is very happy to pull me home, showed me buy her breath twenty-eight pairs of new shoes, I squatted down thin
Appreciated a lot, and did not pair my Yangchuan in the feet, especially frightening is that she even bought a pair of plaid cloth
System boots fine with the high - making life difficult for her to find things get so ugly.
Carmen I leave out the heart one would like to think, a lot of people some money in their daily lives, spiritually, leading to
The ideal of freedom should be more smooth road is more, she would not have the dc shoes online To enjoy life, even bought two dozen pairs of binding since
Things have legs back; really do not understand what this is from psychology.
In fact, I personally have always also a great emphasis on shoes, and recalled childhood life, I often move a small stool to sit
In the sun, the old maid housekeeping Na Xydis for me to do new shoes, can not wait to pick a small piece of cloth to make her uppers.
At that time, war has been won; we lived in Nanjing Drum Tower. A Western-style big house, a front yard
Hospital, and a supra vaider hospital Childhood life, remember it is nothing but play, play and run like the total and Tied up, even though it is only three-year-old bar, but then how to cross a large bamboo poles bamboo horse riding around the plane trees, how in the snow To eat a cousin escaped less than a snow bombs, how to adopt a rockery on mulberry leaves home, how to be goose chase in the backyard, all these Pleasant events of the past, all thanks to my feet comfortable pair of pure Chinese shoes. At that time the children of our family, summer wear is Rags substrate, stitched uppers, with a cloth at the feet, stumbled across the surface of deduction, as the bean petal-like comfortable shoes. Winter supra tk -padded shoes No deduction will stumble across, and their shape is like a fat gold ingot as something fun, wear it like entering a warm Like a thick quilt, running from the road to not feel any weight.
I remember one Christmas, my mother gave me help put on a pair of small shoes hard, I was taken aback, as the quilt had a Hard sub general discomfort, not days, after a fresh feeling, I still clamoring to return to the old shoes to wear, remember Mu Pro christian louboutin softly said to me: "How many children outside the no rice to eat, you have shoes to wear, but also the West too the East too
The noisy.”
To Taiwan, the adults leave their homes, in the era of chaos and the large, discarded home and everything, want to come in their
Is a feeling deep inside. But do our children, which are wet behind the ears know the truth, when I wheel down from the ZTE,
Jiangsu North Road, Taipei, that big into a small Japanese-style house, found that everyone has to louboutin pumps off your shoes before getting on the Tanami, we looked I am pleased to be crazy not to, follow the known cousin and sister enjoy dancing, and looked down at his bare feet fully released, What freedom was elated, but also remember that we fight for barefoot, cousin actually aloud and said: "liberated! In order to This is a terrible word to use only the Communist Party, and we also followed Luanda these come from the liberation of an adult child louboutin boots also beaten, Chide with: "You will never say it, and then call to kill!" God knows we are just happy to go barefoot in it.
Early into the primary school, my sister is the third grade, I was first grade. Most of our classmates do not wear shoes, which Makes me envious bear, every day after class, cleaning the classroom, I would also put shoes and socks off, put the bag, drops all the way dripping in the pail of water poured into the jimmy choo shoes sale to play. Class home, marching cinder road and chicken manure, a step thorn strolled
Then how is not willing to put on shoes before coming home, Shula Street, a small river flowing right, I sat down to wash your feet, skirts
Son wiped dry, this wear shoes and socks, dressed neatly in front to give back to mother her.
Primary school days, more than half wearing white sneakers, high-hours compared to know beauty, and shoes usually have to wash, wash clean and you still To coat with a shoe powder, dried, they like white snow bright, lined with white socks, is really very clean and beautiful, and then
My shoes is this kind of school that is still a way also, little world, in addition to the family, schools, any Do not christian louboutin shoes . Prosperous society in complex and changes of life, joy and pain are the novels go it
live, just as like a white pair of shoes.
Shoes are made of cotton, cloth things close to nature, dress is comfortable, then I do not know for what, everyone to wear Came from the shoes, and even children have no tory burch outlet , and if I wear the shoes out, the mother will say: "do not wear new shoes detour It? " My answer as usual the same: "foot wear new shoes too! Say some day to wear new shoes to rain."


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