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Mother's state of mind, like a vast world, thousands of miles over the line even children, can get out of a mother's love; the mother's state of mind, but also the amount of days like a ruler, even if their children carry gun go ends of the earth footprints will be engraved in the hearts of the mother.
"Page Zip." When the 100 royalties in your hands, my mind immediately flashed to "buy Thought to myself again, or to his [url=
May at this time, a question stumped me: What size mother to wear shoes? Shame I could not help it: my mother brought up are shoes, shoes, and I never paid attention to what the mother found the pair. I ran out of the market for my mother hung up the phone: "Hey, Mom! I want to buy you a pair of shoes, do not know how much you wear ... ..." end of the line, I heard my mother happy laughter. Mother not only did not complain I do not know the size of her shoes, but that pair of supra tk for her son can think of has been very satisfied, with the heart is enough ... ...
Never buy Danish mother, the mother wanted to buy the first pair of shoes, do not know size, actually did not think his mother would be so happy, happy --- so much so that I can not help feeling that the department: in the world, maternal love is What a christian louboutin And tolerant! The phase comparison is how children pay less! So, I told over and over in his mind: to always remember the mother of all ah, such as birthdays, for example, the size of the shoes ... ...
All along, I used to wear a cheap canvas shoes. As elegant as comfortable, because you can wind took. I like it, no worries, and binding and not worried about bad shoes will be off. I always pre-buy a pair of shoes on the bed with the money, until his shoes dirty, quickly washed off, take it to dry. Therefore, the helpless one or two louboutin pumps , I put on new shoes, even the same paragraph, to walk between the remains from time to time to see the feet of the shoes, always felt the lack of a familiar flavor. Shoes to be washed so dry, I will urgently replaced. -
Sometimes, despite his shoes have been worn very old, or the shoes enough to choke it! Not affect the battered but still popular, can not do anything, because the feet attached on it. However, the fate of my little canvas shoes are extremely bleak, grim report is not to end, namely that of fate away. I'm glad I can make good use of louboutin boots , unfortunately abandoned when it became the way of garbage, pull off! -
If the last time wearing shoes, I will not wear dirty washing. To completely abandon the possibility whenever you want to throw shoes, I would float to the surface to accept defeat, but the will is very strong. Remember to be carrying too dirty shoelaces, loose ground in the moment, CSU will hear: I'm sorry, thank you, or do it! And nothing more, looking at them and mixed with other garbage accumulation, then turned and left, no longer have the slightest attachment. In the farewell ceremony is complete, we do not have any intersection, so the fate of the shoes. How can this be?! I think, is because the pair had been mind the shoes and feet to jimmy choo shoes sale Familiar with it after a few replacements is no longer a strange feeling. Moreover, the road is not the selection of shoes; it is always in front, just waiting for us through. Therefore, no matter what kind of feet with shoes, to be watching, looking forward to the road ahead. -
Hey ~ suddenly very strange, so inexplicable about actually my shoes, like a very telling story. But I want to beat text and did not intend such a record. Hello? Perhaps the story really as I jokingly said, listen more, I can also tell stories friends. Perhaps everyone manolo blahnik shoes sale everything in life can edit the material into the story about complaints. The story is you that I will be his, story, likes and dislikes things right and wrong, there are emotions, there are priorities ... ... breakdown of the length, the really good rich ah! Well, today it, my complaint is about the collection of short stories: the story of the shoes. -
I remember that every story has a moral, I am sorry I did not think too much, nor such a high level of skill, anthracite, not very particular about it! I recorded, only a very little thing in life only. I love of talking aimlessly, probably a little more christian louboutin shoes words indeed, but what is it? ! -
In my story world, I am king, I am who govern! I gathered all of the text either, with my assignment, tory burch outlet that the statement that I can think of, they are reasonable for the creation of Repeal of all strictly regulated, I want my reckless, and I think I speak their minds, just!! -


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